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MPDU Apartment Rental Program

Park at Kingsview Village is pleased to offer applicants BELOW MARKET,  limited-availability rental rates. Rates depend on household size, income and the size of the apartment. For more information and availability, please contact a leasing representative.

Are You Eligible?

All incomes are gross household income; that is, household income before taxes.
  • The minimum annual household income needed to afford an MPDU rental varies from property to property. Please call the property directly.
  • Maximum annual household income (effective April 14, 2020):  

Household Size

Maximum Income











  • The maximum annual household income for renewing tenants is 130% of the maximum of household income for new tenants based on household size.
  • You must:
    • have at least as many people in your household as the number of bedrooms in the apartment;
    • demonstrate a good credit rating that is acceptable to the apartment management; and
    • be able to afford the monthly rent payments for the MPDU rental property.
  • You and all other members of your household must not have owned any residential property during the previous five (5) years, and can never have owned an MPDU.